Abschlussfahrt 10aM

Our trip to London 2015 


On Monday April 13th, we met at 3 o' clock at the airport in Nuremberg. At half past 5 our plane to London Stansted started. There, we took a bus and the bus brought us to our hotel in the city centre. We checked in and after we had spent a few minutes in our rooms we went to Picadilly Circus by the London Tube.

On our second day in London we had to get up at 6:30 in the morning, because our breakfast was served from 7:00 - 7:30. When we had finished our breakfast we walked to the underground station near our hotel and went to the Buckingham Palace. The Buckingham Palace is like a big house and the Royal Family is living in it.

At 11:30 a.m. we watched the changing of the guards. When it had ended we went to Trafalgar Square, which is only 12 minutes away from the Buckingham Palace. After that we made a boat trip to Greenwich. Then we walked through a tunnel under the river Thames.

In the evening we had had time for ourselves, so we went shopping in Oxford Street.

On Wednesday morning we went to the Monument. It's a high building. If you climb up to the top, you have a wonderful view of the city of London. You can see a lot of famous buildings like the Towerbridge. Then we walked to the Museum of London and spent one and a half hours in it. After that we went to Camdon Market. It's a place where you can go shopping and you can eat special foods from all over the world.

Later we got time to do what we wanted. A few of us went to the Madame Toussauds and others went to the Arsenal Stadium. On our last day in London we went to Brighton by train. Brighton is a beautiful city at the seaside, with rocky, not sandy beaches.

In Brighton we  chilled  and watched the sea. In the evening we went back to our hotel.

On Friday, when we had finished our breakfast, we had to clean our rooms. A few hours later the bus came and brought us back to the airport.

All in all I think it was a nice trip. We could see lots of people from all over the world and feel the international flavour of a real big city.

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